Bitcoin cup and handle

bitcoin cup and handle

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The Cup and Handle pattern is where the price initially declines, then levels off and begins to rise again, thus resembling a cup with a handle. A Cup and Handle chart pattern seems to be forming in Bitcoin (BTC) long term price action, according to a recent analysis. The article delves into the definition of the cup and handle pattern, provides insights into trading it, and analyzes the reverse pattern.
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Rounding Bottom: Definition and How Pattern Is Used in Trading A rounding bottom is a chart pattern used in technical analysis that is identified by a series of price movements that graphically form the shape of a "U. Nevertheless there is a long handle from end November until end January that had been exceeded and is to be retested now. USDT Dominance heading to 3. In some instances, the pattern may signal a turn around when the price is in a protracted downtrend.